Through the years, CO-Energy has been devoted to providing excellent commercial and residential services. From our keep-full program to our record keeping service, ask us how we can provide ease to your busy world.

Keep-Full Program

Our service sets us apart! Our Sales Representative and/or Delivery personnel in your area will visit your location as a routine stop in order to provide industry leading expertise on all of your fuel and lubrication products.  Additionally, they will take the burden of ordering as needed off of you and your staff’s shoulders, saving your company valuable time, and making sure you never run out of the products that keep your business moving.

  • Daily deliveries
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Monthly deliveries
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Record Keeping

Invoicing is available in a variety of forms that will fit the needs of your back-office systems.  Personnel within your business will be able to save valuable time on tedious input on cardlock billing, bulk fuel purchases, and lubricants purchases.  If there are specific forms of billing required for your business, please inquire with CO-Energy staff or your account sales representative.

  • Weekly, monthly, or yearly reports
  • Available via both email and fax
    Other services available upon request
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Technical Service

Oil analysis programs will help protect your most valued assets and their components, spot potential problem areas before they become costly, and help your business run economically by providing the potential of extended drain intervals.  Free Lubricant support from our sales staff will make sure your team stays up to date on changes in product requirements and help ensure the use of the right products, specific to the application.

  • Free lubricant support
  • Free lubricant training
  • Free lubricant surveys
  • Free help with fuel tax questions
  • Discounted oil sampling programs
  • Fuel analysis
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Other Services

CO-Energy specializes in all areas of fuel and lubricant delivery.  When specialty products or specialty deliveries are needed, we have you covered.  We are also proud to provide equipment for your fuel and lubricant needs.  Tanks in different sizes and configurations are available for rent or purchase.  Please inquire today with your specific requests!

  • Wet hose
  • Over-the-water fueling
  • Emergency services
    Rental Fuel and Lubricants Equipment
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